For over seven years I have been publicly proofing my selections.

My own personal selections/bets were posted for one year at Punter Profits and just over a year on my Betfair Forum thread .

In both instances they have been the highest viewed single person tipping threads over each year.

2010-2011 on Punter Profits saw a profit  of  +381.85 to an average 1 point stake.

2011-2012 on the Betfair Forum saw a profit of +279.21 to an average 1 point stake.

2013 a profit of +213.35 to advised stakes/prices

2014  +390.14

2015 +841.22

2016 +90.03

2017 +178.25

2018 +66.91

2019 +259.02

I very much see this as being in it together and you can be assured of my honesty and openness.

Subscribers will be able to join me in my successful battle against the Bookmakers – benefiting from my years of experience and relentless hard work.