SELECTION TIMINGS – no hard and fast rules – can vary quite a bit and just depends on what comes up on a daily basis – on a really busy day there can be up to 3 emails – again there are no set times for the overall portfolio – the markets move so quickly these days it makes it virtually impossible to have set times – generally emails go out between 8.00am and 12.00pm.

There are basically three parts to the portfolio – on a busy day the Sams Specials are the most variable.
The A/W Creme selections usually go out in one email but sometimes two and or of course only on days when there is A/W racing although there wont be selections every day there is.

All three methods are profitable so as I say if time is a problem you have a choice.

An understanding of what constitutes “long term” will help too – losing runs are inevitable and variable with the three parts of the portfolio – Sams Specials have the longest then the A/W Creme – the SP System the shortest.
Regarding totals i.e profit and loss – I update totals here myself – racingproofing.com have been recording totals since February 2014 the profit to advised prices will only be achieved by anyone who has a full set of Oddschecker bookie accounts – all these totals will vary because  they are recorded in different ways – in reality the profit anyone achieves here will vary because everyone will be on at different prices – I also give the the profit I have achieved when I update totals at the end of the month.


This might be quite straightforward for some but it is a question i get asked quite a lot.

A point can be anything i.e any amount of money – basically what amount of money you want to stake on selections.

What is important with the three main selection methods is that you settle on what a point is going to be for you and you place bets on all three main selection methods accordingly.

For instance let’s take 1 point as being equal to £10.00

With Sams Specials stakes would vary between £2.50 (1/4 point) to £40.00 (4 points)

With Sams All Weather Creme Systems all stakes would be to £10.00 each-way.

With Sams SP System stakes would be £10.00 to £30.00 win – mainly £10.00 win

So +300 points profit  with 1 point equaling £10.00 would produce a profit of £3000.00.

Accordingly making 1 point as being equal to £40.00 a +300 points profit would produce a profit of £12 000